Peaches and Plums Do Not Have to Talk, Yet the World Beats a Path to Them--Natural Attraction(桃李不言,下自成蹊)

        Duing the Western Han Dynasty(206 B.C.- A.D.24)Period, there was a very famous general whose name was Li Guang. He was very brave and skillful in battle, and had fought more than seventy battles with the Huns, an ancient nationality in China.Having made brilliant achievements in war, he was deeply loved and esteemed by the officers and men as well as the common people. However,he did not claim credit for himself and become arrogant,although he held a high post,commanding a big army,and had rendered outstanding service in defending the county. He was not only polite and amiable, but also shared weal and woe with the soldiers. He always had the troops under his commandat heart,and whenever gifts were bestowed to him by the imperial government,he distributed the gifts to his officers and men. When marching, he endured the torments of hunger and thirst as the soldiers did when food and water were in short supply. When fighting, he charged at the head of his men,and ,when he gave the order,every soldier advanced bravely to engage in fighting,not fearing death.

        When the sad news of the heath of General Li Guang reached the militaty camp,the officers and men of the whole army wept bitterly.







       High mountain running water

       In the spring and autumn period, there is a call BoYa yu, in melody, jean art it is high, at the time of the famous violinist. Yu BoYa young studious, who worship high human division, QinJi reach level, but he always thought that I still can't superb performances of all kinds of things to feel. BoYa teacher know the idea after him, he brought him by boat to the east China sea island of penglai, let he appreciate the natural scenery, listen to the sea waves of sound. Looking BoYa lifted up his eyes and saw waves heave, shock waves splashing; Seabirds flying, chirp object; Mountain forest trees, lush, such as into the wonderland general. A wonderful feeling arises spontaneously, you seem to cough up on the nature of the harmonious beautiful music. He couldn't help but take piano playing, sound turn at will, and the beauty of nature melting into the piano, BoYa experience to an unprecedented level. The teacher told him: "you have learned."

       BoYa night boat tour. Face the breeze and bright moon, his thinking, and he bounces lyre, melodious naturally, began in earnest. Suddenly listen to the shore someone astounding. BoYa heard out of the ship, see a woodcutter stood on the shore, he know this person is a bosom friend right away please the woodcutter aboard, cheerfully to play for him. BoYa pop-up praise to the tune of mountains, the woodcutter said: "that's nice! Grand and solemn, like towering mount tai!" When he play performance pentium surging wave, the woodcutter say again: "that's nice! Broad, as see the dances are rolling, limitless the sea water general!" BoYa excited color, concussion say: "friend! You are my soul mate." The woodcutter's ZhongZi period. From now on two people became good friends.

       Stories from the liezi · ShangWen ". The idiom "high mountain running water", the analogy bosom friend or friend, it can also be used beautiful music.






       My hometown is a picturesque, enjoys place.

       In the village before, is a clear creek, in the sun, like a handful of who and the like gold, sparkled in the sunlight. A not well-known fish in the river cheerily swim to swim, some small fish parade speed fast, than the students of the race at a faster rate! In the village, is a CangCuiYuDi mountain. The mountain, dropping the towering trees, like willo w father-in-law patron saint, protect the safety of the villagers near and far. Dress up like a jasper had planted grass, just like me want to hurry up taller, don't fiddle to try very hard to grow up, let the mountains have a green clothes. In the village, YiGuGu is rich, the price of goods stores and a is wide and long road. As long as a have time, I will run to the store to buy something to eat. After every time I eat, I was always alacrity.

       This is my hometown, a beauty no one can draw got place.

       My hometown rivers, is a good place.

       The mountain of the home is very high, high like chatting in and baiyun shake handshandle. In numerous between high mountains, there is a call jinshan, jinshan feet have a village, called gold mountain village. Gold is rich in fritillaria mountain village, the village every family were planted. Every October, in the village of young, the earth will be carried. Although my father work in the city, but one of the season of fritillary, he will return home to help grandma kind of fritillaria. The second year the April, fritillaria mature, a white fat in the field were lay silent, waiting for the industrious people to gain. If this time you visit to golden hill, will smell something not so good smell of flavor, that is the farmer uncle is carried with sulfur smoked!

       Gold mountain village also processing powder dry. Just machined out of powder dried fruit, can be good. Light is that fragrance will attract people cannot help to taste it. Here produce of powder dry and fine and white and is very popular, it also exported to the county and other counties!

       Let the people of hometown of fritillaria rich, many villagers are made the bridal chamber, buy a car, in the village and also more and more wide, the original rugged JiGengLu into now is wide and flat by cement. In addition, the hometown of the environmental health is also more and more good day, go home, by the roadside can clean.

       I think the hometown of the future will be more beautiful!













       one summer night, when the moon was very bright he suddenly saw a girl descending(下降) slowly from the sky. he observed the girl closely, and found that the dress she was wearing was seamless(无缝的) . he was puzzled, and asked why. the girl answered,"heavenly clothes are not sewn with needle and thread."


       this idiom is used metaphorically to indicate the flawless handling of things. it can also be used to indicate a perfectly written poem or other literary article.



       Gong Mingyi was a famous musician in ancient times, who played the lute very well.


       One day, while playing the lute indoors, Gong Mingyi saw a cow eating grass leisurely outside the window. He had a sudden whim to play some melodies for the cow. He first played the "Exercise of Qing Jiao", but the cow still kept on eating grass with head lowered. He seemed to realize that the melody was too highbrow for the cow to understand.


       So he played several other melodies, imitating the buzzing sounds of swarms of flying mosquitoes, and the bleats of a calf looking for its companions. At this, to his surprise, the cow stopped eating grass, but raised its head, pricked up its ears, wagged its tail and, pacing up and down in small steps, began to listen attentively.



       volunteer to do sth/recommend oneself毛遂自荐

        In the Warring States Period, the State of Qin besieged the capital of the State of Zhao.战国时代,秦国军队攻打赵国的都城。

        Duke Pingyuan of Zhao planned to ask the ruler of the State of Chu personally for assistance.He wanted to select a capable man to go with him. 赵国的平原君打算亲自到楚国去请救兵,想挑选一个精明能干的人一同前去。

        A man called Mao Sui volunteered. 有一个名叫毛遂的人,自告奋勇愿意同去。

        When the negotiactions between the two states were stalled because the ruler of Chu hesitated to send troops, Mao Sui approached him, brandishing a sword. At that, the ruler of Chu agreed to help Zhao, against Qin.平原君到楚国后,与楚王谈了半天,没有一点结果。毛遂怒气冲冲地拿着宝剑,逼近楚王,终于迫使楚王答应出兵,与赵国联合共同抵抗秦国。

        This idiom means to recommend oneself.“毛遂自荐”这个成语用来比喻自己推荐自己,不必别人介绍。


        英文中“毛遂自荐”可以说成“volunteer to do sth”,“volunteer”既可以作名词,也可以作动词,作名词时的意思是“志愿者”,作动词就可以解释为“志愿去做什么事”,就是“毛遂自荐”啦~


        Our company volunteered to support and help the victims. 我们的公司毛遂自荐来帮助受灾灾民。

        You can volunteer to work one or multiple shifts。你可以毛遂自荐做单班制,也可以选择多班制。


       1. 简洁的成语故事(英文版)

        郑人买履(A man from the State of Zheng bought shoes)Once upon a time , a man in the State of Zheng went to the market to buy a pair of shoes. Before he left for the market, he had measured his feet with a piece me straw. However , he couldn't find the measurement because he had left it at home . So he had to say sorry to the owner that he had to go home for it, which confused the owner why he didn't try the shoes on with his own feet . The man *** iled to the owner , " I would rather believe in the measuremens than my own feet."。

2. 英语的四字成语

        keep somebody at arm's length, 形影不离

        be on one's back, 卧病在床

        make somebody's blood boil, 热血沸腾

        Keep one's shirt on, 忍辱负重


        Shout something from the rooftops , 登高而呼

        Be all ears, 洗耳恭听

        out of the blue, 猝不及防

        at sixes and sevens, 乱七八糟

        A bolt from the blue 晴天霹雳

        love you love your dog 爱屋及乌

        a bad apple, 金玉其外,败絮其中

        It rains dogs and cats.倾盆大雨

        Fish in trouble water.混水摸鱼

        Teach fish to swim.班门弄斧

        Beat the dog before the lion.杀鸡敬猴

3. 英语的四字词语

        繁荣昌盛thriving and prosperous爱不释手fondle admiringly爱财如命skin a flea for its hide爱屋及乌love me, love my dog. He that loves the tree loves the branch恨屋及乌:He who hates Peter har his dog.)安居乐业live and work in peace and contentment白手起家build up from nothing / build up from scratch /start from scratch百里挑一one in a hundred / the cream of the crop百折不挠be indomitable半途而废give up halfway leave sth. Unfinished包罗万象all-embracing all-inclusive饱经风霜weather-beaten卑躬屈膝bow and scrape cringe悲欢离合vicissitudes of life背道而驰run counter to run in the opposite direction本末倒置put the cart before the horse笨鸟先飞the slow need to start early必由之路the only way闭关自守close the country to international intercourse变本加厉be further intensified变化无常chop and change fantasticality 变化无常chop and change fantasticality别开生面having sth. New别有用心have ulterior motives彬彬有礼refined and courteous urbane兵不厌诈in war nothing is too deceitful博古通今erudite and informed不败之地incincible position不耻下问feel not ashamed to learn from one's subordinates不可救药be past praying for beyond redemption不劳而获reap where one has not sown不屈不挠fortitude indefatigability perseverance persevere tenacity不速之客crasher uninvited guest不同凡响outstanding不言而喻speak for itself tell its own story tell its own tale went without saying不遗余力spare no effort spare no pains不以为然not approve object to不义之财filthy lucre filthy pelf the mammon of unrighteousness不亦乐乎extremely不远千里go to the trouble of travelling a long distance不约而同happen to coincide不择手段by any kind of means by hook or crook play hard by fair means or foul不知所措be at a loss be all adrift lose one's head out of one's wits才疏学浅have little talent and learning惨绝人寰extremely cruel沧海桑田time brings a great change to the worlds沧海一粟/九牛一毛a drop in the bucket草木皆兵a state of extreme nervousness层出不穷emerge in endlessly。

4. 英语的四字成语

        优质解答keep somebody at arm's length,形影不离 be on one's back,卧病在床 make somebody's blood boil,热血沸腾 Keep one's shirt on,忍辱负重 Shout something from the rooftops ,登高而呼 Be all ears,洗耳恭听 out of the blue,猝不及防 at sixes and sevens,乱七八糟 A bolt from the blue 晴天霹雳love you love your dog 爱屋及乌 a bad apple,金玉其外,败絮其中It rains dogs and cats.倾盆大雨 Fish in trouble water.混水摸鱼 Teach fish to swim.班门弄斧 Beat the dog before the lion.杀鸡敬猴。



       Long ago, there was a boy named Cowherd. He got married to a girl from the heavenly palace. Soon they had a lovely boy and a girl. While the Cowherd worked in the fields , the heavenly princess weaved at home to help support the family. Villagers called her Weaving Girl. The family lived moderately but peacefully and happily. The Celestial Empress knew it and ordered her to go back home . So she had no choice but to leave. Fearing that the young man would catch up, the empress took out her hair spin and drew a big river across the sky, known to the Chinese as the Silvery River (the Milky Way in the West). She wanted to separate the family forever.