亡羊补牢------Mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen

       守株待兔------Wait every day under the tree, in the hope that a hare would kill itself by crashing into a tree trunk

       坐井观天------Limited outlook

       程门立雪------Stand in the snow to wait upon Master Cheng respectfully


       完璧归赵------To return a thing intact to its owner

       负荆请罪------To offer a humble apology

       凿壁借光------Bore a hole on the wall in order to get some light from the neighbour's house

       乐不思蜀------Have much enjoyment and forget to go back home

       草木皆兵------State of extreme nervousness

       马革裹尸------Die on the battlefield

       闻鸡起舞------Rise up upon hearing the crow of a rooster and practise with the sword

       买椟还珠------Show lack of judgment

       南辕北辙------Act in a way that defeats one 's purpose



       守株待兔Sit back and waitSong is the state-owned farmer fields dig. Suddenly, he saw a hare from the adjacent grass sprang a panic, the one hit the child on Tanabe's stump, then down there in a motionless. Farmers take a look at the past: the rabbit was dead. Because it is running too fast to have hit off his neck (shé) of the. Farmers delighted, and he did not spend a little effort, they picked up a fat, white hare great. He thought to himself; if every day, picked up a hare and the days like before. Since then, he could no longer refuse to farming out the strength of the. Every day, he hoes on the side, lying on the stump on the child front, waiting for just the second, third only to hare up his son hit the stump. In the world can there be so many cheap things ah. Farmers of course, no longer picked up the hare killed and his land was lying fallow. 叶公好龙BelieSpring and Autumn Period, when there is a named Shen Ye County Chu Chu Liang's magistrate, we call him Yeh. Ye are like the dragon thing, whether it's ornaments, beams, windows, dishes, clothes, has a dragon pattern above, even the walls of his home, also painted a great big dragon well, we went into Ye's family thought went into the dragon palace, everywhere one can see the dragon logo! "My favorite is the dragon!" Ye said proudly to everyone. One day, Yeh something like the dragon was really heaven dragon know, the real dragon, said: "It was so fond of a rare dragon, I have to go visit his house to visit !" Real dragon fly from heaven Yeh's home, head reached into windows shouting, said: "Ye home?" Ye see a real dragon, frightened shouting: "wow! monster !" real dragon was very surprised and said: "how can you say that I am is the monster? I is your favorite dragon ! "Ye scared straight began to tremble, said:" I like things like the dragon's false dragon, not really Long ah, life-saving . "Yeh Huameishuowan , they quickly escaped out! Long left his face really upset to say: "Oh, Ye said, like the dragon that the matter was false, he is afraid of Dragon Well! Causing me to also fly to visit him!" 刻舟求剑Disregard the changing circumstances A Chu cross the river by boat, his sword from the ship fell into the water. He hastened to the ship on which are engraved along the a sign, saying: "My sword fell to go from here." Boat dock, it will help people along on the boat along the water to look for signs carved on the sword, but is also looking for a long time not be found. Vessel had been walking (driving) for a very long, but the sword will not be onboard the advance. Disregard the changing circumstances of the methods used to find the sword, is it not do a very confused? 滥竽充数Blending In ancient times, the emperor Xuan Qi-loving music, in particular, like to listen to blow Yu, Chen has 300 musicians are good at blowing Yu. King Xuan likes a little excitement, love swing pomp, has always been displayed in front of others to do the king's majesty, so every time the time to listen to blow Yu, always call the 300 individuals with ensemble for him.Have heard of King Xuan Guo south of this habit, that can take advantage of, is a good opportunity to make money, they went to King Xuan, go there and brag about, said: "King ah, I am a well-known musicians, after listening to my blow Yu people do not not be touched, that is, listening to birds and beasts will be dancing, flowers, listening to the beat will be co-quiver, I would like to dedicate my stunt king. "Xuan hear happy, without inspection, willingly accept it in him and that he also be allocated to support 300 people, blow Yu team.After that, South Guo on that 300 people together with the ensemble to the King Xuan, listening, and we enjoy the same preferential treatment, heart extremely proud.In fact, the South Guo sprinkled a lie, he simply will not be blowing Yu. Every performance, when the South Guo Yu mixed team on the holding, the people, he shook the body shake body, people Rocker Rocker he face an emotional ecstasy pretended to look, and it looks like everyone else playing quite in inputs, what flaws to really Qiao Buchu. Mr. Guo was so deceived by the South depended on Hunguo a day to day, doing nothing to white unsalaried.However, short-lived, over the years, want to hear ensemble Yu Xuan died, his son inherited the throne Qimin Wang. Qimin Wang Yu also like to hear wind, but not the same as he and King Xuan that the 300 is too noisy blowing together, far more melodious than solo Happy. So Qimin Wang issued an order, to which 300 individuals a good practice to prepare for, he will turn it to 300 people a month to blow Yu appreciate him. Upon receiving orders, the musicians have been actively practicing, we all want a go, only that for every one like a wok on the South Guo anxious ants and fear. After much deliberation, he felt that this mix is not passed no longer had to pack the night away. 南辕北辙PolaritiesToday, I come here on the way met a man by car north while the line, the man told me: "I want to go to the state of Chu." I asked him: "the state of Chu in the south, why should the north to go?" The man said: "Never mind, my horse is good, run fast." I reminded him: "Good horses are not useful, not to return to the state of Chu in the north direction to go." The man said: "My travel expenses more go again. "I any connection with him said:" The road toll for more than a useless, so that did not reach the state of Chu. "That people are still said:" It does not matter, I groom it will be the coachman. "hurry to get somewhere better in these conditions, the more respect from the state of Chu far. Now, King wants Chengjiubaye, and always want to get the prestige of the world. (However) relied on Wei's powerful and sophisticated army to attack Handan, to make the land expansion, particular sub-honorable, the king more such operations, it farther away from the establishment of Wang Ye-ah. 拔苗助长Destructive EnthusiasmOne Song those who think their crops grow slowly, it will be overstating seedlings Yi Keke. He tired to return home, his family said: "Today, tired, and I help the crops grow any taller 啦!" He said hurriedly into the ground to see his son, seedlings have withered.


       Enjoy a story

       A big tiger caught a fox in a forest. When the tiger wanted to eat it, the fox said, “You mustn't eat me. I was sent by Heaven to rule the animals. By eating me, you will violate(违抗)the command of Heaven. If you don't believe me, just follow me to see whether the animals are afraid of me.” The tiger agreed, and followed the fox as it walked around the forest. The animals all ran away on seeing them. The tiger thought they were afraid of the fox, so he let it go. He didn't realize that it was him that the beasts(百兽)were really afraid of.

       成语为: 狐假虎威


       1.An Apple of Discord争斗之源;不和之因;祸根

        An Apple of Discord直译为“纠纷的苹果”,出自荷马史诗Iliad中的希腊神话故事

        传说希腊阿耳戈英雄(Argonaut)珀琉斯(Peleus)和爱琴海海神涅柔斯的女儿西蒂斯(Thetis)在珀利翁山举行婚礼,大摆宴席。他们邀请了奥林匹斯上(Olympus)的诸神参加喜筵,不知是有意还是无心,惟独没有邀请掌管争执的女神厄里斯(Eris)。这位女神恼羞成怒,决定在这次喜筵上制造不和。于是,她不请自来,并悄悄在筵席上放了一个金苹果,上面镌刻着“属于最美者”几个字。天后赫拉(Hera),智慧女神雅典娜(Athena)、爱与美之神阿芙罗狄蒂(Aphrodite),都自以为最美,应得金苹果,获得“最美者”称号。她们争执不下,闹到众神之父宙斯(Zeus)那里,但宙斯碍于难言之隐,不愿偏袒任何一方,就要她们去找特洛伊的王子帕里斯(Paris)评判。三位女神为了获得金苹果,都各自私许帕里斯以某种好处:赫拉许给他以广袤国土和掌握富饶财宝的权利,雅典娜许以文武全才和胜利的荣誉,阿芙罗狄蒂则许他成为世界上最美艳女子的丈夫。年青的帕里斯在富贵、荣誉和美女之间选择了后者,便把金苹果判给爱与美之神。为此,赫拉和雅典娜怀恨帕里斯,连带也憎恨整个特洛伊人。后来阿芙罗狄蒂为了履行诺言,帮助帕里斯拐走了斯巴达国王墨涅俄斯的王后---绝世美女海伦(Helen),从而引起了历时10年的特洛伊战争。不和女神厄里斯丢下的那个苹果,不仅成了天上3位女神之间不和的根源,而且也成为了人间2个民族之间战争的起因。因此,在英语中产生了an apple of discord这个成语,常用来比喻any subject of disagreement and contention;the root of the trouble;dispute等意义

        这个成语最初为公元2世纪时的古罗马历史学家马克·朱里·尤斯丁(Marcus Juninus Justinus)所使用,后来广泛的流传到欧洲许多语言中去,成为了一个国际性成语。

       eg: He throwing us an apple of discord,we soon quarrelled again.

        The dispute about inheriting estate formed an apple of discord between them.

        This problem seems to be an apple of discord between the Soviet union and the USA.

       2.The Heel of Achilles 亦作The Achilles' Heel唯一弱点;薄弱环节;要害

        The Heel of Achilles直译是“阿基里斯的脚踵”,是个在欧洲广泛流行的国际性成语。它源自荷马史诗Iliad中的希腊神话故事。


        因此,the heel of Achilles,也称the Achilles' heel,常用以表示a weak point in something that is otherwise without fault;the weakest spot等意思。

       eg:The shortage of fortitude is his heel of Achilles.

        His Achilles' heel was his pride--he would get very angry if anyone criticized his work.

       3.Helen of Troy

        Helen of Troy 直译"特洛伊的海伦",源自源自荷马史诗Iliad中的希腊神话故事。


        此事激起了希腊各部族的公愤,墨涅俄斯发誓说,宁死也要夺回海轮,报仇雪恨。为此,在希腊各城邦英雄的赞助下,调集十万大军和1180条战船,组成了希腊联军,公推墨涅俄斯的哥哥阿枷门农(Agamemnon)为联军统帅,浩浩荡荡,跨海东征,攻打特洛伊城,企图用武力夺回海轮。双方大战10年,死伤无数,许多英雄战死在沙场。甚至连奥林匹斯山的众神也分成2个阵营,有些支持希腊人,有些帮助特洛伊人,,彼此展开了一场持久的恶斗。最后希腊联军采用足智多谋的奥德修斯(Odusseus)的“木马计”,里应外合才攻陷了特洛伊。希腊人进城后,大肆杀戮,帕里斯王子也被杀死,特洛伊的妇女、儿童全部沦为奴隶。特洛伊城被掠夺一空,烧成了一片灰烬。战争结实后,希腊将士带着大量战利品回到希腊,墨涅俄斯抢回了美貌的海轮重返故土。这就是特洛伊战争的起因和结局。正是由于海轮,使特洛伊遭到毁灭的悲剧,真所谓“倾国倾城”,由此产生了Helen of Troy这个成语。

        特洛伊战争的真实性,已为19世纪德国考古学家谢里曼在迈锡尼发掘和考证古代特洛伊古城废墟所证实。至于特洛伊城被毁的真正原因,虽然众说纷纭,但肯定决不是为了一个美女而爆发这场战争的,与其说是为了争夺海轮而打了起来,毋宁说是为了争夺该地区的商业霸权和抢劫财宝而引起战争的。所谓“特洛伊的海伦”,实质上是财富和商业霸权的化身。中国历史上也有过“妲己亡商”,“西施沼吴”等传说,以及唐明皇因宠杨贵妃而招致“安史之乱”,吴三桂“冲冠一怒为红颜”等说法。汉语中有个“倾国倾城”的成语(语出《汉书·外戚传》:‘一顾倾人城,再顾倾人国’。)这里的“倾”字一语双光,既可指美艳非凡,令人倾倒;也可纸倾覆邦国。其含义与Helen of troy十分近似。

        在现代英语中,Helen of Troy这个成语,除了表示a beautiful girl or woman;a beauty who ruins her country等意义外,还可以用来表示a terrible disaster brought by sb or sth you like best的意思。

       eg:It is unfair that historians always attribute the fall of kingdoms to Helen of Troy.

        She didn't think of the beautiful umbrella bought the day before should become a Helen of Troy in her family.Because of this she and her husband quarreled for a long time.


       A Broken Mirror Joined Together

       This set phrase metaphorically means the reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or a rupture.

       At the end of Southern Dynasties,when the Chen Dynasty was about to be overthrown.

       Xú Déyán felt very worried.He foreknew that his wife Princess Lè Chāng was destined to separate from him.

       His wife is the last Emperor Chén Shūbǎo's younger sister.

       Hence he broke a round bronze mirror into halves.

       One half is given to the Princess,the other half left with himself.

       The couple agreed on it that the wife would pretend to sell the broked mirror in the street of Cháng'ān,the capital of the Suí Dynasty,on the Lantern Festival.

       After the fall of Chén Dynasty,Princess Lè Chāng was captured and sent to Chang'an and forced to be a concubine-servant in the mansion of Yáng Sù.

       Xú Déyán missed his wife very much and went to the captial to look for her.

       On the 15th day of the first lunar month,he found a man selling half the mirror.

       After asking the man,he knew that his wife had been a concubine-servant of Yáng Sù. Thinking that he could not see her again,he sighed a great sorrow.

       Having known the matter,Yáng Sù felt much sympathy for the couple.He sent for Xú Déyán and told him to take wife away.Thus the husband and the wife were reunited into a happy couple.